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We live in a global world where new frontiers are further removed. I passionately believe that the Arctic and Antarctica are some of the most dazzling places on earth and a locale that few people have the opportunity to visit. For centuries the Arctic and Antarctica have had a natural allure to explorers, scientists, and academics. Today photographers, artists, authors and environmentalists are being drawn toward both polar poles in increasing numbers. The paradigm for the Polar Regions are also changing from the romantic heroic lore of past to one of interconnectedness, conflict and controversy.

There are so many stakeholders trying to lay claim for limited natural resources; from the indigenous people of the Arctic to global power players exploring large oil, gas and mineral deposits. The last five years have seen rapid loss of ice in the Arctic and with warming temperatures commercial shipping might become a real concern. American, Canadian and Russian sovereignty is becoming an issue. A pristine natural wilderness and a new frontier packed with economic opportunities, a laboratory for scientific research and a homeland for many Inuit, the north continues to fascinate all that come into contact with it.

Death, destruction, and horror, were the archetype for Arctic travel until several decades ago. In works by early polar painters such as Caspar David Friedrich’s “Arctic Shipwreck” or Sir Edwin Landseer’s “Man Proposes God Disposes” adventurers were at the mercy of the elements. Just 150 years later we see a completely different perspective of the Arctic and Antarctica brought on by climate change and a growing eco-tourism industry. We view our civilized footprint with both horror and glacial indifference. It still takes endurance to reach these remote hostile frontiers, much more than just seeking out images on Internet search engines.

My work accumulated over the past eight years is a contemporary look at both Polar Regions with a strong emphasis on place. This contemporary portrayal of the Arctic and Antarctica provides a compelling visual narrative of our relationship with the land and includes societal, economic, cultural and environmental issues surrounding both ice caps.

I do live by my mantra “Joie de Vivre” which means “the Joy of Living”! I hope that my boldly coloured canvases showcase that part of my personality, as well as sharing the amazing sights I have seen with others who may never experience them directly.

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